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This Project is dependent on partnerships with network operators to deliver verified and practical measurement tools for the planning and management of smart grids with the aim of ensuring reliable, stable, high-quality energy-supply from renewable- based generation. The outcomes will benefit stake-holder groups including designers of smart grids systems, electricity network operators, manufacturers of instrumentation and government policy-makers/regulators. The project will:

  • Reduce likelihood of blackout in networks with high renewable generation by verifying/optimisingĀ PMU algorithms essential for smart grid stability monitoring and control.
  • Maintain acceptable network PQ levels by understanding propagation of disturbing events to tailor mitigation.
  • Improve PQ by locating significant sources of disturbance for targeted action.
  • Reduce costs to manufacturers of renewables by setting PQ compliance limits using a measurable basis.
  • Reduce costs to network operators by improving knowledge of system parameters allowing for smaller contingency.
  • Speed-up grid integration of sporadic renewables by provision of tools to ensure quality and stability.